Matt Walker


I’m a well rounded UX and product designer, problem solver, and team player. I get excited about replacing really dull, repetitive, and downright terrible experiences with solutions that better serve people.

Working for the The Home Depot in Atlanta where I’m focused on design operations and design systems. I’ve been helping transform and modernize the way the company builds software and designs exceptional experiences for associates and customers.

Previously, I was at Travel Syndication Technology and before that I worked at a bunch of other places you’ve probably never heard of. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

hey look, it me.

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Qualitative research, planning, scripts, interviews, and synthesis.
Interaction & Visual Design
Rapid prototyping, to fine-tuning the little big details for a polished experience.
In a lab, or in the field, design validation. Usability Test plans, scripts, and synthesis.
Getting a room full of people from point-a to point-b. Alignments, kickoffs, and design studios.


Ethical Research
Anyone conducting research has a responsibility to safeguard the privacy of candidates and operate with honesty and integrity.
Responsible Design
As designers we're responsible for creating products and experiences that have positive impacts on people and the environment.
Diverse teams with inclusive cultures
Companies and individuals that intentionally strive for diversity and ensure everyone has an equal footing and voice will produce better results.
Mentoring and self growth
Continuous improvement through feedback and iteration.